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How to Install Office on Mac Operating system?

If you intend to install Office 365 on a Mac, you can rely directly on the Mac App Store, where the Office 365 bundle containing all the applications of the suite or the single applications are available: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive. To proceed with the download, visit the links I have just provided, click on the View button in the Mac App Store, wait for the Mac App Store to open, and click on the Get button. If required, then verify your identity by typing your Apple ID password or using the Touch ID (if your Mac has this component).
Alternatively, you can practically follow the same procedure that I indicated in the previous chapter. Connect, therefore, to the Microsoft website presses the link Free trial for 1 month or on the button Buy now (depending on the option you prefer to activate) and then click on the button Free trial for 1 month (or Complete transaction, if you have decided to subscribe now).

Then log in to your Microsoft account: if you have not yet created one, you can do it by clicking on the item Click here to create one located at the bottom right and then filling out the form that is proposed to you (as I showed you in another guide).
Once logged in, click on the item Start now! Add a payment method located on the left, in order to add a payment method to your profile, press on the Next button, and, after checking that you have entered all your data correctly, press again on Next, then on Buy, then on Install twice in a row.

At this point, the download of a .pkg file will start: at the end of the download, open it, press on the Continue (two consecutive times) and Accept buttons, select the destination disk of the suite, click on the Continue and Install buttons and, to conclude, type the administrator password of your Mac in the appropriate text field.
Note: after installing Office on your computer you will have to activate the program using your Microsoft account data. If you have downloaded the trial version of the suite, you will not be charged until the trial expires. To avoid paying for your Office 365 subscription, before the 30-day trial period passes, you will need to connect to this web page and turn off automatic subscription renewal. For more information on how to activate Office 365, read the study I just linked to you.


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